Take care of your jewelry

The plating fades over time, it is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear. The speed of this natural process depends on how the jewelry is cared for. To maintain the good quality of your costume jewellery, please pay particular attention to the advice below:

-Our jewelry may contain; crystals, resin, pearls and other fragile materials. Handle them with care.

-Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, soaps, oils, detergents, fixatives, abrasive products, etc.

-Avoid impact with hard surfaces

-Avoid contact with water and moisture

-Keep away from heat sources or direct sunlight

-Always remove your costume jewelry before doing household chores, sports, gardening etc...

-Take off your jewelry before sleeping

- Clean only with a soft cloth

-Keep your jewelry away from moisture in a dry place.

- Store the jewelry in their box or pouches.